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Buying and selling activity has increased a 19’4% in June!

The buying and selling activity has increased a 19’4% in june according to the same month in 2015, up to 36.856 operations, the biggest number since January 2013 according to the latest news published by the Spanish Statistical Office. It has already been 5 followed months of increase although the increase of june has been smaller than in may, when the sale of houses increased a 23,6% in a year-on-year tax. The operations relative to the used house increased a 24% year-on-year  with 30.720 business. On their behalf, the new construction increased a 2% to 6.586 transactions. The collected rise in the six previous months of 2016 is 16,4%.


The 90,6% of the transmitted houses by buying and selling activity in the six month of year were free houses and the 9,4% protected ones. The sell of free house increased 20,6% in june in year-on-year tax, till add 33.390 transactions while the operations with protected houses increased 9,2% with 3466 transactions. The autonomous regions with more transactions per every 100.000 inhabitant were Baleares (136), Comunidad Valenciana (128) and Canarias (118). The autonomous regions that made less number of sell of houses were La Rioja (194), Navarra (356) and Cantabria (441).

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